Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure • 4106 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure
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Walk Among Thousands of Live Tropical Butterflies! Wristband good for 3 Consecutive Days!

Nestled high up on a hill sits The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in Branson, MO. Walk among thousands of live tropical butterflies imported from exotic rainforests all over the world, fluttering right before your very eyes!

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at this unique attraction! A 3 Day Wristband allows you to experience all there is to offer at The Butterfly Palace including the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, Great Banyan Tree Adventure, Educational Videos, and the Living Rainforest Science Center! “Help us, help save the rainforest”

A tropical-themed attraction featuring a butterfly aviary, a rainforest discovery center and mirror maze, the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure offers a breathtaking experience for visitors of any age. Guests can enjoy educational videos, interactive activities, and up-close encounters with more than 1,000 colorful live butterflies, exotic live reptiles and amphibians from the rainforest.

Helpful Tips

• The butterflies will begin to settle in for the evening around 4pm so go early for the most activity.
• Live butterfly releases daily 10:30am and 1:30pm.
• Critter Encounters daily at 11am and 2:30pm.
• Live Music in the Aviary Friday – Monday.
• Wristbands are good for 3 consecutive days.
• The view of Branson from the employee parking lot is incredible.
• Take your time to enjoy the butterflies and all this exhibit has to offer.
• Wear bright colored clothes as butterflies are attracted to vibrant colors.
• 45-minute documentary about the monarch migration.
• Banyan Bungee Adventure.
• Living Rainforest Science Center.
• Emerald Forest Mirror Maze.

Exotic Butterfly Aviary

• Over 1,000 live exotic butterflies imported from the rainforest.
• Featuring 40-60 different species.
• Complimentary nectar flower to feed the butterflies.
• Get a chance to release a butterfly! Newly emerged butterflies are released throughout the day as they emerge.

Living Rainforest Science Center

• View over 25 live reptiles and amphibians from the rainforest.
• Learn about how important the rainforest is for butterflies and other species that live within the rainforest.
• Interactive kiosks and displays.
• Pet a Lizard! Critter encounters held throughout the day (see schedule upon arrival).

Rainforest Theater

The Rainforest Theater is the perfect place for guests to begin their Butterfly Palace excursion. It is great family fun, appropriate for even the younger adventurers in your exploration party. At anytime during the guest’s rainforest excursion, they are encouraged to go and view our Educational Video on the Hidden World of the Butterfly Palace and Flight of the Butterflies located in the Rainforest Theater.

Emerald Forest Mirror Maze

Exploring the rainforest beneath its thick, green canopy is a dream most people never get to experience. At The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in Branson, visitors have the opportunity to have a peak into what this journey might feel like. Stepping into the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze and it is immediately apparent that everything is not exactly as it appears. Left? Right? Straight ahead? Backtrack a bit? As you make your way through the twist and turns of the Emerald Forest your explorer navigational skills will definitely be tested! Just when you think you have mastered the course you find yourself lost in the twist and turns of the rainforest and are forced to make a course correction. Don’t forget it is evening in the Emerald Forest, with small patches of light just peeking through the trees, so adult accompaniment is recommended for our youngest of explorers!

Banyan Tree Adventure

The Bungee Adventure located on the second floor of The Butterfly Palace is a favorite of all our guests from the oldest to the youngest. The maze is modeled after the Banyan Tree which grows in the rainforest. The tangled web of rope “vines” that hang from the ceiling to the floor simulates the roots of the Banyan Tree. As explorers weave their way through this unique adventure they will encounter many obstacles. Don’t give up as you navigate your way around rocks, fallen pillars and hundreds of vines stretched from floor to ceiling at various angles. Don’t miss the Bungee Adventure during your rainforest experience. Guests spend as much time as they like in there and the majority of our brave adventurers come out with lots of laughter and a smile!

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