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Awesome 80's

Americana Theater • 2905 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Awesome 80's
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Are you ready to rock out and reminisce on all your favorite tunes from the 1980's? Then join us for an awesome night at Awesome 80’s in Branson, Missouri – a show dedicated to celebrating the most iconic decade of pop culture through music and dance. This high-energy performance is sure to have audiences singing along and dancing all night long!

The show begins with an epic opening number featuring some of the biggest chart-topping hits from the decade. From there, viewers will be treated with performances from one amazing song after another - all hand-picked for their relevance and cultural significance within post-modern history. Experience songs like "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "Take On Me", "Material Girl" and more as they come alive on stage with beautiful costumes and incredible vocals. Every song is perfectly complemented by a visually stunning lightshow that takes you back in time.

And it's not just about listening - Awesome 80's also invites audience members up on stage throughout the show so they can join in on even more musical numbers. So get ready to sing your heart out and let loose - it's time to take a journey back into one unforgettable decade! Relive those memories, embrace your inner 80’s spirit, and get ready for an awesome experience at Awesome 80’s in Branson, Missouri!

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Customer Reviews
12 reviews
Awesomeness with the Awesome80s
Posted by Cindy on Jun 28, 2023
Great show! High Energy. Amazing singers!
80's for Good Memories
Posted by Camille Evans on Nov 19, 2022
80s music will always be the best! always put good vibes on my bad days, always refreshing my memories of good times. I'm 54, and I still can have good times and forget what happened my day earlier by drinking a few beers and listening to this great music. I loved the 80s. This brings back a lot of memories. like high school all over! must-watch for any age!
80's is the Best!
Posted by Cherry Red on Nov 6, 2022
Excellent journey through the 1980s! They hit all the artists that made the 80s awesome. Great cast, very talented dancers and singers. I loved this show; it was well worth the cost of admission. Thank you for putting together a well-thought-out production. Compared to other shows we went to, this was one of our favorites.
Posted by Dennis Vegas on Sep 5, 2022
A wonderful "best of" from the 1980s high-energy, talented performers. The quality of this show convinced us to come back for the theater's 'Elvis Story of the King' show. The whole crew can sing. Not impersonators, but really good singers putting on a superb show. Highly recommend; would love to see it again.
Thankful for 80's
Posted by Jane Reyes on Aug 17, 2022
Thank you so much for the songs, all of which are my favorites! It took me for a walk down memory lane—some sad, some good. I am just so grateful that I was present that night with my kids and influenced them to love old music. It was a great experience, especially with the singers. I'll never regret buying the tickets! God bless you and everyone on here! I miss the 80s.
Being sentimental for a While, 80's is the best!
Posted by Alivia Rosario on Jul 4, 2022
The 80s felt like magic; it made things seem like you could do anything with the right montage song or sick cassette tape with bad ass tunes. Hell, even a VHS tape made you feel on top of the world. Magic is the best word for the 80s. Most of us hear a song, and it brings us right back to a memory. A song meant something to us. I'm getting a little sentimental here. I'll always listen to the 80s until the day I'm gone. I recommend you all watch this live show! very worth it!
The 80s are really for all ages
Posted by Klint Reed on Apr 19, 2022
I was a teen who loved 80s music and never hesitated to buy the ticket. The 80s are really for all ages. What a great experience! Thank you for sharing, and thank you to all the singers and producers. Music is so emotional, and I am so happy to share it with like-minded people. Very recommendable!!!!
Free sing along because of the MUSIC!
Posted by Carlos Amaro on Mar 2, 2022
Super fun, very radical, awesome 80s music montage. You’ll know all the songs, and you’ll love singing along. Fun costumes. It’s a little cheesy at times with some fake guitar playing, but it’s Branson, so enjoy the small theater and personal performance. It was a great night out, and I would totally recommend it if you love the music of the 80s!
High Energy Show
Posted by Erin Walz on Jan 19, 2022
This show is wonderful! It is a very high-energy show that highlights the greatest hits of the 1980s. The vocalists did a fantastic job, and the choreography was awesome! The costumes were reflective of the 1980s and added to the authenticity of the show. The audience was very involved, and many danced at their seats or in the aisles. It was such a fun evening! There was a wide variety of ages in the audience, and everyone was expressive in their applause. After the show, the cast spent time talking with the audience in the lobby. Person after person commented on what a fantastic performance it was. If you love the unparalleled music of the 1980s, you will love this awesome show!
BEST music era ever!
Posted by Elizabeth Gardner on Jan 17, 2022
Awesome 80's for sure! The cast was so talented, so incredibly entertaining, and kept us clapping and tapping to the totally rad hits! I highly recommend this show if you need a couple hours of nostalgia that takes you back to the BEST music era ever!
Posted by Roman on Jan 11, 2022
Long Live 80's
Posted by Mark Ramos on Jan 11, 2022
The singers have good voices. Every time I hear one of their songs, it brings back some sort of memory. We didn't only listen; we felt these songs. They were my happy songs, and I listened to them when I needed a pick-me-up. I didn't even know what opiates were then. Didn't care. Long live the 80s! 
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