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Branson Country USA

Grand Country Music Hall • 1945 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Branson Country USA
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Come on down to Branson Country USA and take a toe-tapping journey through some of the greatest country classics of all time! This show is packed with an amazing lineup of music, comedy and dance that'll have you up and out of your seat. Get ready to experience the spirit of America in all its glory at this one-of-a-kind show in Branson, Missouri.

The performance begins with a patriotic opening number showcasing songs like "God Bless The U.S.A.", "For The Good Times" and "Take Me Home". Enjoy beloved tracks such as “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, “Oh What A Night” and more as they are recreated perfectly with beautiful harmonies and amazing live instrumentals from a talented cast. The night is also filled with plenty of laughs thanks to some hilarious comedy scenes between numbers as well as some exciting special surprises throughout the show.

This show will take you on an unforgettable ride through some of America's greatest tracks from today's biggest stars to yesterday's all-time favorites - so get ready for a night full of fun and entertainment at Branson Country USA in Branson, Missouri!

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Customer Reviews
10 reviews
Excellent Production
Posted by Cameron Hughes on Nov 23, 2022
The entire production was excellent! Enjoyed the evening very much!
What a BLAST!
Posted by Frederick Parker on Nov 5, 2022
This show was so much fun. Melody Hart was just awesome with her singing with Buck Trent, who happened to be the guest of the night. They make it so much fun, like a real movie studio in Hollywood, Branson style. Jackie Brown has the other voice of an angel, and I enjoy her so much. Jamie Haage and Mike Patrick make you feel like family between takes during commercial cut time. The New South and the Grand Band round out the 10:30 night experience. Just a blast!
Posted by Mack Robert Pill on Oct 19, 2022
These guys are consummate pros, performing flawlessly without any glitches. Or if there are any, they make them disappear so skillfully that the audience would never detect them. It appears to be a group of very talented people just having a great time entertaining an audience, but it takes an incredible pool of talent to pull it off. They take a monumental task and make it look easy and fun! If you come to this show, you will not be disappointed. GREAT FUN!
Well Recommended!
Posted by Jerry Noguera on Oct 11, 2022
Just a fun late-night show. I always try to take in this show when I’m in Branson. The performers are talented, funny, and personable. I love how reasonably priced the tickets are and the great customer service. If you can stay up late, it's worth going to see when you are in Branson. Plus, by the time you get out of the show, the Strip is not congested!
Good as new
Posted by Jacqueline Barnes on Jul 23, 2022
I enjoy the incredible voices of Jackie Brown, Melody Hart, and the powerful harmonies of New South.!! Very professional!
What a Great Performers
Posted by Augusto Black on Jul 17, 2022
This show is the heart and soul of Branson. Up close and personal with the performers is one of the highlights of this show. New special guests each week along with the awesome regulars make this show a must see for anyone coming to Branson!
Surprising Performance!
Posted by Kyson Anderson on Jun 13, 2022
The show was well performed by all the performers. I was so surprised at how helpful the staff was, from the ticket salespeople all the way to the ones who take you to your seat. You do not want to miss any shows at this theater, as they are truly all in one place. The best time of the year to be in Branson is when there is no wait to see a show. This is also a great way to see how good the shows really are and how the staff will treat you. This place has not just entertainment for the whole family but also food and even activities for the younger kids. A real family-oriented environment. Before you ask, yes, I am going to other shows and will only comment on the best and worst, as those in the middle are trying to be the best.
Can't Wait
Posted by Axel Kelly on May 27, 2022
I really enjoyed the play and can't wait to see the next one; everyone works so hard. Must watch!!!
Well performers
Posted by Adrian Diaz on Apr 9, 2022
They are as beautiful as their voices. I really enjoyed the whole evening singing with them, with their unlimited confidence and professionalism. Extremely good production!
A fam Show
Posted by Emelia Wesley on Feb 4, 2022
It's good to see how Branson features a rotating roster of special guest stars. They are really good-looking in person and very talented! It's probably best to watch together with your family.
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