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Sanders Family Christmas

IMAX Little Opry Theater • 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway • Branson, MO 65616
Sanders Family Christmas
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A Heartwarming & Hilarious Production!

The Sanders Family, along with their church pastor, the Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe, find themselves charged with lifting the spirits of their faithful Mount Pleasant Baptist Church congregation following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. It’s a challenge perfectly suited for the family’s matriarch, Vera, who loves to quote scripture, and her husband Bert, along with their oldest daughter June, their rowdy twins, Dennis and Denise, and unpredictable Uncle Stanley. Their mission is made all the more challenging by the departure of their son as he prepares to go off to war to serve his country. This sweet, touching, and funny story hits all the right notes for the holidays - you’ll laugh at their hilarious antics, shed a tear or two as they struggle with seeing their son leave, and even sing along with the uplifting gospel songs of Christmas.

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Customer Reviews
13 reviews
I wholeheartedly recommend this show!
Posted by Cleo Perez on Jun 20, 2023
I strongly advise you to see the performance the next time you are in Branson!
This show is awesome
Posted by Ryan Wilson on Jun 20, 2023
These performers are really carried out and enjoy what they do. They are excellent at entertaining large crowds.
This was a great show!
Posted by Cole Williams on Jun 20, 2023
The vocal harmonies are quite pleasing to hear. The emotion in each of their performances is evident. You definitely will keep this show with you forever.
fantastic gospel music
Posted by Clairon Garcia on Jun 20, 2023
I often found myself tapping my feet to it since it is so strong and catchy. Sincerely, if you haven't watched it all, DO IT! You won't regret doing it.
Posted by Morgan Taylor on Jun 20, 2023
This is the top show in Branson! There is excellent gospel music, outstanding country music, and patriotic tunes. The band is top-notch. I appreciate them showing me each instrument. Each vocalist could sing solos and the group would still sound fantastic! I adore bass singers, thus I think the bass singer is fantastic! Don't miss this chance to catch a show at a low cost.
Posted by Jordan White on Jun 16, 2023
I'm really excited to watch this show again! love it!
Well done.
Posted by Abby on Jun 16, 2023
To those who enjoy hearing the story of their favorite character, I'd suggest this. A truly valuable evening!
Really liked this one!
Posted by DaVid Wilson on Jun 16, 2023
You won't end up disappointed. One of the top performances we've ever seen in Branson. I really liked this one!
brought back good memories
Posted by Kate Lopez on Jun 16, 2023
WAY BETTER THAN WE EVER IMAGINED! We've seen a lot of shows here, and this particular evening of humor, music, and energy was excellent!
this is one of my favorite shows
Posted by Camille Gomez on Jun 15, 2023
I had a fantastic day, and I wholeheartedly endorse this to others! We really enjoyed seeing this performance.
Posted by David Nelson on Jun 15, 2023
This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. All of the setups were excellent. I'll be back soon!
Highly advised
Posted by Larry King on Jun 15, 2023
Outstanding performance from the start to the end. You have to see the show!
It exceeded expectations.
Posted by Morgan Davis on Jun 15, 2023
Great experience and a fantastic event. Good for the whole family!
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