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Larry's Country Diner

Clay Cooper Theatre • 3216 W. 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Larry's Country Diner
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Enjoy this Homey Diner-Set Variety Show!

Whether you’ve followed the incredibly popular RFD-TV show or not - 1.6 million monthly viewers certainly love it - this homey diner-set variety show will feature an amazing line-up of guest stars during its 2022 schedule. In addition to visiting artists, audiences will enjoy the ongoing cast of crazy characters from the television show, including waitress Renae, Sheriff Keith Bilbrey, and gossip lovin’ church-lady, Nadine, everyone’s favorite small town busybody! And some folks might even get lucky and grab a seat to enjoy the eats right in the diner! The Branson performance is completely live and spontaneous; there’s no script! You’ll be experiencing everything as it happens, and they don’t stop the show for anything, making every minute that much more entertaining!

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Customer Reviews
10 reviews
Lesson Learned
Posted by Veda Hayes on Dec 28, 2022
I really enjoyed the show. I learned many things from the guest, and it was a stepping stone for me to grow as a living individual. Well done from the start until the end.
An informative evening
Posted by Goldie Ford on Oct 22, 2022
Everything is original and on set. The talk-to-talk with the guest is very entertaining as well. I would recommend this to people who love listening to the story of their favorite character. A very informative evening!
How lucky I am
Posted by Chandler Riley on Oct 12, 2022
I was one of the lucky guests who was seated in front of the guest star and had a lucky talk with her. It was a dream moment for me. It is a completely enjoyable day, and the show is very original. I love it!
Totally Entertaining
Posted by Maleah Ocean on Sep 23, 2022
There is no script for this live performance by Branson; it is entirely spontaneous. Every moment will be more enjoyable because you'll be seeing everything as it happens and there won't be any breaks in the show.
Fantastic Performance and Hospitable Staffs
Posted by Raquel Henderson on Aug 5, 2022
The main reason we went to Branson was to see Larry's Country Diner Show! We appreciate the help with getting the tickets, picking them up, and the diner lunch. Renae's no-pressure sales approach was evident when we bought products from her and the other salesperson. Great seats and a fantastic performance!
Excellent Performers
Posted by Yolanda Bell on Jul 12, 2022
The highlight of the trip was this show. The performance we attended was excellent. Jimmy Fortune performed beautifully. All of the performers were excellent. We'll return soon!
Excellent Cast
Posted by Tessa Butler on Jun 23, 2022
I had a great time at the show. Everyone was hospitable and friendly. Your cast is excellent! Don't make any adjustments to the show.
I adore them very much
Posted by Irie Coleman on Mar 21, 2022
Larry's Country Diner Show was the most exciting, wonderful, fantastic experience of our lives! The Whites were performing on that particular day, and we were fortunate enough to get to perform on stage! After meeting Larry and the crew, we got to spend some time chatting with the Whites. I adore them so much!
A story to remember
Posted by Frida Perkins on Feb 25, 2022
This show is informative. You can learn a lot of things, especially from every detail of the guest's story. It's more about listening and laughing at the same time while the guest star is eating in the diner.
Could not wait to comeback!
Posted by Delanie Barnes on Feb 11, 2022
We adore Larry's Country Diner, my sister and I. We couldn't wait to go. For us, this was an incredible experience. We had a great time watching the entire show and laughed so much. We have already discussed returning in December. We appreciate the chance and think you're all hilarious. Best wishes to everyone. Sherry and Tammy.
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