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ABBA Tribute - Thank you for the Music

Hamner's Variety Theater • 3090 Shepherd of the Hills Exp. • Branson, MO 65616
ABBA Tribute - Thank you for the Music
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A Historical Journey of Fun & Great Music!

If you love the music of ABBA, then you won't want to miss the "Thank You For The Music" tribute show in Branson, Missouri. This stunning performance is the closest you'll come to seeing the real ABBA in concert.

As soon as you walk in, you'll be transported back to the 70s as the band recreates the iconic, glittery outfits and platform shoes of the hit band. With the disco ball spinning overhead, the atmosphere is electric - so get ready to dance and sing along with hits like "Dancing Queen," "Mamma Mia," "Take A Chance On Me" and much more!

The four talented performers pay tribute to ABBA with incredible vocals and harmonies that will have you convinced you're hearing the real thing. The show also features a live band, stunning choreography, and plenty of audience participation to keep the whole family entertained.

But the show isn't just about the music - it's also a celebration of the ABBA story. With video footage and interviews, the audience will get an exclusive look at the band's history and impact on the music industry.

"Thank You for the Music" has been playing to thrilled audiences for over 20 years and is a must-see show while in Branson. You'll enjoy two hours of non-stop hit after hit, in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. It's a tribute show that's just as exciting as seeing ABBA live!

So put on your best disco gear, and get ready to sing and dance the night away with "Thank You For The Music" in Branson, Missouri! It's an experience you won't soon forget!

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Customer Reviews
14 reviews
It wasn't an impression, but a tribute
Posted by Joe Clayton on Oct 24, 2023
I have to admit, I was a little surprised when the guys came out and looked nothing like the men in Abba; the women at least had the same hair color. After a few songs, I understood that it was not going to be like Liverpool Legends, where the performers looked the part and played the music. I docked this one star because of the canned music, but that doesn't mean I didn't like the show. The performers were very good singers, the choreography was fine, and I can recommend it to Abba fans--just don't think you're going to see a replication of that group in their prime.
A great night with my idols music
Posted by Sophie Carter on Dec 30, 2022
I’m 18 and so proud of being a HUGE fan of abba. The music is pure quality and i hope more people of my generation value the importance of this group! They make me feel truly emotions and connected with the beat. it’s not just about the lyrics, it’s about the vibrations abba can make other people live with their music. it's mind-blowing!! I LOVE YOU ABBA !
What a great performance!
Posted by Jay Gargaceran on Dec 17, 2022
Wonderful entertainment; the show was good from start to finish, and the audience kept involved and participated in making the show memorable. All four singers were superb with their singing and dancing. Show you are extremely connected and focused.
Nice Performers
Posted by Haritha Silva on Dec 17, 2022
You don't want to miss this show! All four performers are extremely talented and genuinely nice people. They stay true to the music as well. Close your eyes, and you will think you are actually listening to ABBA. This is our granddaughter's favorite show.
The moment of my favorite
Posted by Adam Flores on Sep 5, 2022
The moment "Dancing Queen" begins to play, I am immediately taken back to my early years. Every party my parents hosted included this song as a standard, and it rapidly became one of my favorites. I can still picture me spinning and dancing to the music, truly feeling like a king.
What A Flawless Show!
Posted by Kelly Molina on May 25, 2022
One of my top favorite Branson shows and one I see on each trip. A very talented cast did a flawless job of recreating the ABBA sound without trying to be ABBA. A lot of fun facts are provided about the original quartet that made such an impact on '70s music. The costumes are great. This is one of the friendliest casts in Branson, whom you can meet, take photos with, and purchase some great stuff from at intermission and at the end of the show. I'm a diehard ABBA fan and really "fussy" about ABBA tribute groups; this one in Branson is just about the best I've seen. I can't wait to get back!
This takes me back to my earlier days
Posted by Debbie Cabler on May 13, 2022
We recently attended the ABBA show in Branson, I was thoroughly impressed with the production. The performers were incredibly talented and brought a new level of energy to the iconic ABBA tunes. The choreography was eye-catching and kept me engaged throughout the entire show. I was also impressed with the stage design, which truly transported me back in time to the 70s. The sing-along moments were a real highlight and brought the audience together in a communal celebration of the music. Overall, the ABBA show in Branson exceeded my expectations and was a fantastic night of pure entertainment. I would highly recommend this show to any ABBA fans or anyone looking for a fun and engaging theatrical experience.
A great music of all time!
Posted by Caroline Baker on May 3, 2022
The vocals of the women are incredibly pure, resonant, and angelic. It has a great beat. The lyrics to every song are clear, and it's likely that they have never lip-synced a note in their lives. This is pure talent. The lyrics and music are amazing, especially the guys. These are skills that they all possess. Their music is timeless. Amazing to think of their widespread fame now, so long ago! The best is ABBA!
Never gets old
Posted by Ana Hope on Apr 28, 2022
I was young when I heard and discovered ABBA, years later, my daughter have a full ABBA playlist for her own joy. She did not just listen but actually enjoying it very much. ABBA's music always have this kind of vibes that can always feel good.
Love this TRIBUTE so far!
Posted by Wagner Crine on Apr 6, 2022
This is our go-to show every time we come to Branson. Very entertaining show! All four singers are extremely talented, although the Australian gentleman clearly has the strongest voice. Love ABBA! I love this tribute!
A fan with fun!
Posted by Nadia Rodriguez on Apr 6, 2022
I'm a huge ABBA fan, and this show did not disappoint! The cast is very talented and engaging! They do not proclaim to be ABBA but rather pay tribute to ABBA's wonderful music. Some of the songs, which were of course sung by the lovely ladies of ABBA, were done by the male cast members, but they still worked very well! Very fun show! Even my husband, who isn't an ABBA music lover, had fun! They will have you up out of your chair and dancing along! I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially if you are a fan of ABBA's music.
A masterpiece for all ages
Posted by Melanie Sanchez on Mar 27, 2022
My mother introduced me to ABBA when I was just a little kid! I am now 18 and enjoying ABBA more than ever and never doubt to buy the ticket for the show!!! Let's carry the legacy of those songs forever!!!
ABBA for the win!
Posted by Sadie Green on Feb 9, 2022
It never gets old; it's still fresh and new every single time you hear the music. Every gem regeneration from the day they made it until today gets it, loves it, and sings along. It never ever gets old; it's timeless, and it's hard to do with music. Very good production and performance!!!
Generally a fun show
Posted by Trisha Springer on Jan 25, 2022
This was different that what I expected but it was actually a fun show. Its not a big budget production, nor all the glitz of Sight and Sound theater or others. The cast did good and put on an entertaining show.
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