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Branson Famous Theater • 645 MO-165 • Branson, MO 65616
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Giving you a rip-roaring good time is what we do at Branson's Famous Baldknobbers Show! Our live country music, comedy and variety show in Branson, MO, is the hot place to be for family-friendly fun and good comedy. We combine the best country music with clean humor, and even a touch rock-and-roll to give you and your family an experience you won't forget! Our family has been bringing this show to Branson since 1959, and we'll provide a night that will make you want to sing along, and tickle your funny bone while you're at it. 

Mar 24
8:00 PM
Mar 25
8:00 PM
Mar 26
Mar 27
8:00 PM
Mar 28
8:00 PM
Mar 29
2:00 PM
Mar 30
2:00 PM
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Customer Reviews
9 reviews
Posted by Alfred Vargas on Mar 15, 2023
Not really a fan of this kind of thing but it does sound good and fun in any way. And I guess overall, it's real entertaining. will recommend.
Had fun with friends and family at the show
Posted by Kenny Mcdonalds on Mar 15, 2023
It's more fun watching it with friends and family, had great time and enjoyed watching every performance, brought laughter and tears. Every bit of it is lit.
Good vibes
Posted by Brett Morgan on Mar 15, 2023
Awesome performances. I remember going to see the Baldknobbers show when I was a kid always a great and fun show to watch.
There is always a room for improvement
Posted by Danie Cook on Mar 15, 2023
Baldknoberrs, well I have to say it was mediocre at best. It's not really that bad, It has a strong point of its legacy, but it really needs some work. But still a great job to everyone.
Must Watch
Posted by Amora Turner on Feb 24, 2023
Excellent clean comedy! That is probably the hardest I have laughed in so long for stand-up comedy. The comedians are hilarious!! Can't stop laughing until now lol. Must watchh!!
Laugh out Loud with honey
Posted by Carter on Feb 24, 2023
I love the performance!! Me and my boyfriend often laugh together and can't stop laughing. The way comedians can just stand up there and make these jokes and bring everyone in the crowd to the floor laughing is just gold. The tickets are worth it!
Laughing night with friends
Posted by Celine Cox on Feb 24, 2023
I did not expect the combination of singing and comedy! They have talented and classic performers. Very entertaining and focused more on laughs, best together with your friends. Very highly recommended to anyone!
So much Laugh
Posted by Asher Remington on Feb 24, 2023
Very funny and original! I'll better come back together with my family so that we can all laugh together! Must watch!!
Different Level
Posted by Bailey Mason on Feb 24, 2023
Very original and funny. Combining singing, dancing, and comedy is on a different level—fun but entertaining at the same time. Well done, performers! I really enjoyed the whole show!
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