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Branson Murder Mystery

Majestic Theater • 2849 Gretna Rd. • Branson , MO 65616
Branson Murder Mystery
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This is one Branson Show you do not want to miss!


3 Hours


Uncover a Thrilling Mystery at Branson's Murder Mystery Dinner!

Gather your friends and family for a thrilling evening of mystery and suspense at Branson's Murder Mystery Dinner! Step into a world of whodunits as you attempt to solve the clues and figure out who is guilty. Featuring talented actors, professional sets and delicious dinner entrees, this performance is sure to leave you wanting more.

The show begins with a live auction where audience members can bid on exciting items such as jewelry, artworks and more. Then it's time for the main event - finding out who committed the murder! You'll have to keep an eye out for any suspicious characters, use your detective skills to uncover evidence and make sure that justice is served. Laugh along at some witty jokes from the cast or feel your heart beat faster as tensions rise during each surprising twist - it's all part of the show!

Each ticket also comes with dinner - so enjoy a delicious three-course meal in between acts before you declare 'whodunit'. So gather up some brave sleuths and be ready to have plenty of fun unraveling this mystery at Branson's Murder Mystery Dinner!

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Customer Reviews
11 reviews
Great Show
Posted by Jim on Apr 10, 2024
Enjoyed the show.
A Big Appreciation
Posted by Kinley Mitchell on Dec 6, 2022
I enjoyed the buffet feast with the actors. They are very interactive and friendly to anyone! It was a crazy frenzy night with my kiddos! They really enjoy the show! Thank you, Branson, for making a show like this! So worth it!
Par to anyone!
Posted by Jessica Nelson on Nov 15, 2022
I always enjoy the productions, which are on par with big theater productions. So professional! Well done!!! 
Best for Kiddos
Posted by Axel Hill on Oct 17, 2022
They are funny, especially the scene where they tried to solve the murder case. It is a little bit scary, especially the scene where they try to solve the murder case. It is a little bit scary, but most of the time you always get a laugh from the actors! They did a great job! My kids really enjoy the day! Very recommendable to anyone of any age.
Talented and Energetic Cast
Posted by Shin Cain on Aug 8, 2022
Always a great show. This was our second time, and we look forward to going back again soon. I enjoyed the Christmas show today. The cast is exceptionally talented and full of energy! Very intimate feel. Great parking too, and the food is always yummy!
Friendly Actors in Branson
Posted by Emory Cook on Aug 5, 2022
It is literally one of the Branson shows you do not want to miss! Very funny and original! You can also be part of them even though you are just an audience member! They are very friendly actors! Must watch! 
Laugh so Loud!
Posted by Jada Treasure on Aug 1, 2022
I had so much fun! Laughed the entire time. The actors and actresses were awesome. The food was good, and there was plenty of it. Go see this show! We had a great time participating too! Whenever I go to Branson again, I will go back to this show. Do yourself a favor and go be part of this fun party!
Yummy Foods and Entertaining Performance
Posted by Richard King on Jul 13, 2022
This was a hoot. Yes, there are a few color jokes, but I don’t think kids would get them. I was an audience actor, and that was a lot of fun. The show was very funny, and the actors were excellent. The food was basic comfort food: fried chicken, meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, and chocolate cake. It was good. And we had a good time.
Well Recommended
Posted by Sophy Walson on Mar 16, 2022
We’d never done anything like this before, but it was a great time! The actors were so engaging and just really fun. The audience participants at our show may have been exceptional, but I imagine that’s always the case. The buffet dinner was very good, and the food was hot and tasty. Definitely recommend!
Well Worth the Money!
Posted by Felicia Green on Feb 14, 2022
The meal was delicious and plentiful. My group volunteered me for an audience participation part while I was away from the table. But that was fine and a hoot to participate with the cast. Sadie was great in her dual roles, and she ad-libbed quite a bit, which just made it funnier. After the show, we had pictures taken with the cast on the steps. Truly funny and well worth the money. When we return, we will be back for sure.
Epic Theatre
Posted by Haisley Hunter on Jan 29, 2022
Excellent use of "Epic Theatre" principles for a small theater venue. In addition, the performers are interactive and talented! I highly recommend it for your children, and they will probably enjoy the show in the end. Superrb!
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