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Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show

Hamner's Variety Theater • 3090 Shepherd of the Hills Exp. • Branson, MO 65616
Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show
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Dave & Denise Hamner Present Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show….and More!

And the show is just that! From the magic and illusion presented by this world renowned couple, to the award winning music and impressions presented by Jeff Brandt. Tamara Tinoco brings award winning skills with her vocal abilities, along with the dance routines brought by Kenny Brown and Sharie Nievar.
Unbelievable Variety at it’s best!

Add the talents of Russian aerialist, the beautiful Mariya Serykh and the Cyr Wheel expertise of Anthony Soumiatin, and you’ll agree this show IS Variety with something to mesmerize the entire family. You can meet and greet the entire cast after the show.

Along with their bevy of feathered, beaked friends is the newest member of our cast, Gakita the gorilla. Gakita is either an eastern lowland gorilla or a mountain gorilla, we don’t know which and Gakita isn’t talking yet, but you’ll thrill to her antics and family friendly nature. There is an opportunity to meet, greet and take a picture with Gakita too!

Speaking of family friendly, all shows at the Hamner Variety Theater are absolutely family friendly and produced to appeal to all ages and tastes. The Hamners have been awarded the prestigious International Merlin of Magic Award, the Bronze Lion Head Award by Siegfried & Roy for Excellence in Entertainment, and the Las Vegas Magic Masters Award. As well as Producers of the Year, Magic Show of the Year, Humanitarians of the Year awards in Branson. The list goes on and on. Check the scheduling, and get your tickets for your itinerary in Branson!

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Customer Reviews
16 reviews
Awesome night
Posted by Joanne knoles on Aug 24, 2023
Not only were they were they talented in the skills, it was comical at times. They also involved the audience which was a delight.
The Magic is unbelievable
Posted by Madalyn Rose on Dec 11, 2022
This show truly lives up to its name. Variety was present, but the magic was unbelievable. The whole family will love this fantastic show! There is a lot of magic, as well as singing, dancing, and circus performances. The next time you are in Branson, I highly suggest you check out the show!
So much Magic!
Posted by Imogen Ross on Nov 7, 2022
The whole show was fantastic! Mystifying magic acts were performed on stage by Dave and Denise Hamner and their team, while Johnny Lonestar conducted the most incredible roping I've ever seen.  An show worth going to!
Posted by Graham Myers on Oct 31, 2022
The performance last night was fantastic, and we were there! You must see it if you visit Branson! The children are still attempting to understand how Mr. Hamner pulled off all those illusions, lol. Johnny Lonestar's lasso rope skills were incredible!
Posted by Evangeline Long on Oct 14, 2022
The magic was amazing, and the presentation was enjoyable. They also provided some other enjoyable entertainment. Hammer is a fantastic talent and a decent guy.
Magical Moment
Posted by Jenn Lauren on Sep 12, 2022
This was a great show for the whole family. The illusions and singers and dancers were outstanding. This is a must see for everyone!
What a peculiar people!
Posted by Kaiden Foster on Aug 25, 2022
Throughout this show, there was a wide variety of entertainment. Although there was amazing magic, there were also singers, an aerialist, and other extremely talented people.
Best Magician in Branson!
Posted by Stormi Porter on Aug 17, 2022
A true variety show, this was. There were illusions, circus acts, comedy, magic, beautiful singing, and more. There were large, lovely macaws instead of the customary rabbit that would appear in a magic act. When visiting Branson, this show is a must-see.
Expertly Choreographed!
Posted by Julissa Hunt on Jul 28, 2022
The finest part is that this is a well-produced performance with a wide range of entertainment, but the illusionists using the enormous birds and Denise Hamner's always stunning support stand out. This performance mixes excellent illusions with fantastic, expertly choreographed music. To see an illusionist of Magi Dave Hamner's skill, you typically need to travel to Las Vegas. Check out the Sunday morning church service and Dave Hamner's sermon as well. Great theater. I wholeheartedly endorse this!
Well talented performers!
Posted by Kat Jimenez on Jul 27, 2022
This provided excellent family entertainment! The other talent was top-notch in their respective fields, and the magic was baffling. You were astounded by the individual brilliance and skill of each performer. Avoid missing it!
Very enjoyable
Posted by Garret Liam on Jun 25, 2022
This was a fun, funny and upbeat show. Brought our friends and they loved it too. The variety keeps your attention. You will leave feeling happy.
Well Exexcuted
Posted by Majesty Rowl on Jun 22, 2022
They have a wide range of acts they perform and they were all very entertaining. My entire family loved this show. Definitely a must see in Branson. And the finale was absolutely beautiful. We gave it a standing ovation!
A friendly magicians.
Posted by Robin Romero on Jun 2, 2022
The show was really enjoyable. The cast interacted with the crowd and was quite friendly. The magic was amazing! The things they could accomplish with the birds astounded me. All of the actors were extremely talented and amusing. I adored it!
Expected more
Posted by Brenton Lime on May 31, 2022
Expected better. At times I felt like they were lip syncing. Costumes and lighting was much less than other shows we have seen. Would not waste our time going again.
Great Performance
Posted by Alliah Ross on May 20, 2022
There is absolutely no way to pick a favorite part. We loved everything from start to end and appreciate such a beautiful show put together. Recommended.
Well appreciated with my husband.
Posted by Kimora Cooper on Feb 11, 2022
What a show, OMG! My husband Lamarr and I spent the weekend in Branson celebrating his birthday. We couldn't wait to spend the weekend alone without our young adult children. We chose to visit Hamners Variety Show since we wanted to end our Saturday on a high note. Everything about it was fantastic. Even so, I was chosen from the crowd to participate in the MAGIC! The entire drive back to Saint Louis from here, my husband Lamarr, and I chatted about it. We appreciate Tamra, Ken, David, and all the other performers. Next year, the whole family and I will be there to visit you guys. Lamarr and Veronica!
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