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Legends in Concert

Pepsi Legends Theater • 1600 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Legends in Concert
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Each legendary performer not only looks like the star they portray, but use their own natural voices to pay homage to their iconic music counterpart. Legends in Concert live tribute shows are known for their elaborate theatrical sets, magnificent costumes and full array of incredible special effects, including three dimensional multimedia and multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

An outstanding cast of accomplished tribute artists, talented singers and dancers, and a live orchestra comprised of some the top musicians in the industry, support each Legends in Concert production.

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Customer Reviews
16 reviews
Very Promising Act
Posted by July Grande on Dec 26, 2022
Allow yourself to escape time and rejoin the Legends and Music that rocked our lives and touched our Souls. The Amazing Team at Legends in Concert provide that exact experience every time I am able to experience it!
Well appreciated tribute performance.
Posted by Anika Moore on Nov 30, 2022
What an amazing tribute performance. Tina Turner was excellent. Willie Nelson had a fantastic voice, so I assumed he was the real deal. The Blues Brothers sang beautifully and were hilarious and entertaining. It was amazing to see Freddie Mercury perform Queen's greatest hits. Excellent stage presence; I had the impression I was at a genuine Queen event. And Elvis, well, he sung and appeared to be a different version of Elvis. This concert comes highly recommended from me. Fantastic.
These guys are really good!
Posted by Rita Ward on Nov 25, 2022
The Legends in Concert show in Branson is a must-see for fans of classic music and nostalgic entertainment. The talented cast delivers stunning tribute performances to some of the greatest musical legends of all time, including Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Freddie Mercury. The costuming, choreography, and stage design are all top-notch, making this show a true feast for the eyes. This was our 2nd time seeing the show. We also love the Blues Brothers and the Michael Jackson inpersonator.
The Legends I witnessed!
Posted by Cora Simmons on Sep 27, 2022
All the musicians, dancers, and singers in the show had excellent talent. Elvis, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and the Blues Brothers were among the Legends we witnessed. They were all extremely talented and good. All of them had Christmas tunes as well, which was enjoyable for the season. Elvis performed gospel, which was done quite well and was welcome to be included.
Fun Performances
Posted by Patty Green on Sep 25, 2022
I think Elvis sounded exactly like the real thing, beautiful voice. Funny performance and very good blues music from the Brothers. Will surely never miss another show.
Every Act Was Appreciated
Posted by Gwen Fortez on Aug 17, 2022
Never been to Branson. This show was recommended. Wow. The excellent level of entertainment and professionalism really astonished me. The level of showmanship from the dancers, backup singers, band, and stars indicated that it might have been in Las Vegas. My favorite tribute was to Willie Nelson, who sang his hits in a honky tonk in a younger, throwback Willie. I adored it. Fun, skilled, and incredibly entertaining were the Blues Brothers. Every act was appreciated. The performance was too short. Would strongly suggest.
Posted by Clea Vasquez on Aug 15, 2022
The Legends in Concert in Branson was excellent. Each and every performer was outstanding. The music and dancing were excellent. Worth your time and money, too.
Another level of excellent performance
Posted by Girly Mousse on Jun 18, 2022
This show was tons of fun! All the performers were great. Our favorite was Blues Brothers - we could have watched an entire concert of just them. Highly recommend.
What a Classic Performance!
Posted by Nicolas Romero on Jun 1, 2022
Great performance, I must say! abundant energy. We admired it. We believed the performer to be Kenny Chesney because he was so convincing. Additionally fantastic were The Blues Brothers.
The Great Tribute!
Posted by Kaydence Schmidt on Mar 14, 2022
The absolute best show in Branson! You can mistakenly believe that you are seeing and hearing the same Legend thanks to these tribute artists' skill. The Blues Brothers, Elvis, Tina Turner, and Willie Nelson were all present. With the obvious exception of Willie Nelson, every performer was outstanding and exuded such enthusiasm that you were on the edge of your seat for most of the performance. This performer not only had the ability to sound exactly like him, but also allowed you to see inside Willie's soul. I was wrong to think that he would end up becoming my favorite performer! The entire show is fantastic!
A great show in connecting the legends.
Posted by Arianne Fisher on Mar 5, 2022
Allow yourself the chance to escape time and re-connect with the Legends and Music that have shaped our lives and touched our Souls. Every time I have the chance to see Legends in Concert, the Incredible Crew delivers that same experience! Ryan, Clint, and crew do an excellent job getting the entire family to stand up as Kevin Allen does an amazing job leading the talented musicians. I greatly appreciate it.
Impressive show
Posted by Lourdes Jackson on Feb 22, 2022
This show was recommended. Wow. I was very pleasantly surprised by the high level of entertainment and professionalism. Could have been in Las Vegas with the quality of showmanship from dancers, back-up singers, band and the star-power. All acts were enjoyed. Would highly recommend.
Love the Act
Posted by Annika Russell on Feb 15, 2022
I loved the Willie Nelson act! Terry Johnson sounded more like Willie than Willie! All the acts were very entertaining and engaged the audience. Elvis was a natural entertainer. He was comfortable with the audience and gave the dancers, other performers, and the whole stage crew credit. The Blues Brothers gave it their all! They are so energetic and fun to watch! I would recommend the whole family for this Legends show!
A level of professionalism.
Posted by Chaya Gonzales on Feb 14, 2022
This show was highly recommended. Wow. The excellent quality of entertainment and professionalism completely shocked me. With the level of theatrics displayed by the dancers, backup singers, band, and celebrities, it could as well have been in Las Vegas. My favorite was the tribute to Willie Nelson, which featured a younger, throwback Willie singing his favorites at a honky tonk. I adored it. The Blues Brothers were joyful, talented, and incredibly entertaining. Every act was enjoyed. The show wasn't long enough. Would strongly recommend.
An amazing talented musicians
Posted by Whitley Myers on Feb 8, 2022
Give yourself the opportunity to escape time and re-connect with the Legends and Music that have shaped our lives and touched our Souls. Every time I have the chance to see Legends in Concert, the Incredible Crew delivers that same experience! Ryan, Clint, and crew do an excellent job getting the entire family to stand up as Kevin Allen does an amazing job leading the talented musicians. I greatly appreciate it.
Stunning Performance
Posted by Mercy Loughan on Jan 24, 2022
One of the best shows we were lucky enough to see, great singers and dancers and the theater was nice and clean. An experience that will surely be remembered.
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