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Pierce Arrow Country

Pierce Arrow Theater • 3069 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway • Branson, MO 65616
Pierce Arrow Country
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Pierce Arrow Country at the Pierce Arrow Theatre!

Focusing on some staple Country, we hit everything from classic to modern top hits with a touch of Gospel. Featuring NEW clean award-winning comedy from 5-time Comedian of the Year, James Sibley. Don't miss out on these incredible and hilarious shows.

Pierce Arrow Country in Branson, Missouri, offers one of the most electrifying and heartfelt entertainment experiences in America's heartland. Known for its rich blend of sensational music, exuberant humor, and genuine country charm, Pierce Arrow Country showcases an incredible array of talent, making it a must-see performance for visitors to Branson.

At Pierce Arrow Country, guests are treated to a high-energy country music show that features both classic hits and modern favorites, all performed by the seasoned Pierce Arrow quartet. The group's tight harmonies and dynamic stage presence have made them a staple of the Branson music scene. Each performance is meticulously crafted to highlight the talents of each member, ensuring that audiences experience a top-tier musical journey.

But Pierce Arrow Country is more than just a music show. It also incorporates hilarious comedy segments that keep the audience laughing throughout the evening. The show's resident comedian delivers family-friendly humor that complements the musical acts, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

The theater itself contributes to the overall experience, offering comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems that enhance every performance. The intimate setting allows every guest to feel a part of the action, making for a memorable evening of entertainment.

Pierce Arrow Country is a celebration of the best of Branson's country music and comedy, providing a perfect blend of fun, laughs, and heartfelt performances. Whether you're a long-time country music fan or just looking for a fun way to spend an evening, Pierce Arrow Country promises a spectacular show that delivers warmth, laughter, and great music in the heart of Branson.

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Customer Reviews
20 reviews
All in one entertainment
Posted by Karrie Shaut on Dec 13, 2022
This is literally one of my favorite show, an entertainment/show that has it all. A friendly ambiance and great performers that will leave a great impact to everyone on the show. I will surely recommend this one.
Posted by Justin Lim on Dec 5, 2022
The harmony of the vocals are simply delightful to hear. You can really feel the passion of their every performances. This show will surely leave a mark in your heart.
Very Appreciated!
Posted by Koen Dickson on Nov 30, 2022
This is the perfect show in Branson! Great country music, great Gospel music and patriotic songs as well. The band is first rate. Appreciate them showcasing each instrument. Each singer could do solo work and blend perfectly as a quartet! The bass singer is exceptional, mostly because bass singers are my favorite! Don’t miss this show offered at a comfortable price. Thanks Pierce arrow for a fun night.
Standout performances
Posted by Courtney Spear on Nov 15, 2022
As one of the lovers of country music, I would really say that this show really did a spectacular presentation and gave the best experience to everyone who attended the show. Never miss a show like this!
Absolutely Amazing
Posted by Palmer Terrell on Oct 5, 2022
Their country music show is first rate. Special kudos to the comedian James Sibley. Most Branson shows include a comedian and most are hokey sideshows that leave you yearning for "the real" entertainment. In this case, James Sibley is on par with the fantastic music. Pierce Arrow is an absolute must see in Branson.
Lovely show
Posted by Resil Marie Simene on Sep 26, 2022
Group was very sentimental about what really matters in life which I really appreciated from them and definitely would say that this is the best show I have ever been to. Never felt the same laughter I had with the show.
Posted by Landry Madden on Sep 8, 2022
The show was excellent I done both the country show and the decade show they treat the veterans with respect I love the saying on the outer wall. The wall says I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross if everyone would live by that saying the world would be better off.
Posted by Ryker Wright on Aug 31, 2022
We saw Pierce Arrow for the second time, and they did not disappoint me. The comedian was incredibly entertaining, and the music was fantastic. It's great to watch a comedian who isn't vulgar. They also performed a lovely tribute to veterans.
Awesome show
Posted by Jackie Andersen on Aug 12, 2022
The singing was amazing and very impressive and the comedy was funny and clean. No way one can leave disappointed. A good show to be with family and friends.
Outstanding Performance!
Posted by Dimitri Good on Aug 3, 2022
I attended the Decades and Country shows. Both were outstanding! Music was great. Loved the patriotic segments. Comedy parts were great. Audience interaction was fun. Hope to see both again soon.
Admirable Performers
Posted by Allan Rodriguez on Jun 5, 2022
Loved all the songs they did. Felt every feeling delivered by each song performed. Greatly enjoyed and was never disappointed being on the show.
A good place to enjoy
Posted by Jonny HInton on Jun 1, 2022
Performers had a great energy and their voices were amazing that will leave you in awe. The comedian was hilarious and no ugly words just pure clean fun. Will surely recommend this show to everyone.
Biggest Country Segment
Posted by Emiliano Bradley on May 19, 2022
Tonight, we went to their performance. Our favorite show this week was that one. They are a fantastic quartet of singers. They perform an amazing show. The comedian was hilarious! The gospel and country segments of the show were fantastic. The next time we are in Branson, we will have to go back to this concert. Amazing show!
Posted by Erickson Ray on Apr 16, 2022
GOSPEL performance. They are amazing, and they adore the veterans in each of their shows. They are quite lively and love to bounce around the stage. They have an AMAZING patriotic segment on the show. We Stand for the Flag and Knee for the Cross is written on the side of their building. The comedic performances on both shows are fantastic. Pierce Arrow became a buddy of ours, and we adore him.
A phenomenal Country Music!
Posted by Benedict Jarvis on Mar 24, 2022
Love these show!!! Both the decades show and the country show are phenomenal!!!! We have seen many shows in Branson, this is the BEST!!! Thank you for being consistent, fun, patriotic, and having amazing vocals!! The band is fantastic!! God bless you and thank you for all that you do!!!!
Wonderful harmony
Posted by Levi Divine on Mar 17, 2022
Great music and add a little comedy. Fantastic show and the performers are having so much fun and the great vibes of everyone is very contagious. Loved every minute of it.
A quality show
Posted by Vhan Denson on Feb 2, 2022
The show is patriotic and high-energy as always and the comedian is still in its excellency. We have seen the show on several occasions and still loving every bit of the performance. Well done.
Too much time wasted but still a great show
Posted by Emilia Georgie on Jan 16, 2022
This was a first time attending the Pierce Arrow Country show and I could say that the comedian needs to do a little less talking and more music needs to be played. Overall, I think everyone had a great time, performers were wonderful with amazing voices and I look forward to seeing the future shows.
Posted by Braxton Berry on Jan 15, 2022
Had such a wonderful evening of fantastic music. Everyone present, from the ticket booth to the ushers to the performers, gave us the impression that they were genuinely happy to have us there. Every song had us singing along. Everyone going to Branson should watch this.!
Posted by Edward Kim on Jan 9, 2022
Band was on point, comedian had me in tears, harmony of the quartet was INSANE, and the audience went wild when the songs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were played. The audience as a WHOLE rose to their feet during the tribute to the veterans, giving me goosebumps. The show was the most energetic I've ever seen.!
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