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FAQ On These Deals

Q: Do I have to do a presentation?

A: No, there is no catch and you do not have to do any sales meetings.

Q: What if a need an odd number of tickets?

A: You can purchase the BOGO option for quantities of 2 and single tickets for the odd number ticket.

Q: Is there any way to get an extra discount on a single ticket?

A: Yes, we do have specials from time to time.  Call 800-768-3892 for special pricing and bookings.

Q: The show I want is not on the list.  Can I get it?

A: We have some shows that cannot be advertised at prices this low.  You need to call us for all special offers at 800-768-3892.

Q: How does the seating work?  Do I get good seats?

A: All seating is reserved when purchased.  We get the best available seats so you will get the same seating as full price tickets.

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