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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Circus

Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai • 3455 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Circus
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If you're looking for a show that will leave you gasping in awe, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Circus in Branson, Missouri, is your top choice. This show is one of the most popular in Branson, wowing audiences with incredible balance, strength, and daring acrobatics for over ten years.

The performers are true masters of their craft, implementing various props like hoops, poles, chairs, and even bicycles into the act. The elements of circus, dance, and theater are combined to create an unforgettable experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. They perform tricks like juggling over 20 objects, balancing on chairs with only one hand or foot, and creating human pyramids like you have never seen before, all while wearing colorful and traditional Chinese costumes.

The acrobats showcase remarkable feats of strength, flexibility, and coordination that leave the audience stunned. Highlights of the show include the human strength, breathtaking aerial artistry, and gravity-defying flips and jumps.

The production is complete with high-energy music, blasts of fire, and lights that perfectly complement the performance. The audience will also have a chance to be part of the show through audience participation, which creates a unique experience for everyone.

This show is perfect for all ages and is great for family outings or a fun outing with friends. With over a decade of performances and millions of satisfied visitors, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Circus is undoubtedly one of the must-see shows in Branson, Missouri.

So come on over to the Grand Shanghai Theatre and experience the breathtaking performances and thrilling stunts of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Circus. It's an experience you won't forget in a hurry!

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Customer Reviews
11 reviews
By far the BEST and MOST UNDERRATED SHOW in Branson!!!!
Posted by Frederich Schepp on Dec 4, 2023
I went to a lot of shows in Branson this last week, and there was always some type of disappointment attached to the shows, been to several acrobatic ones in past as well. This one was fantastic! Even with an oops during the juggling act - they picked it up and kept rolling through the act - and the audience gave a supporting "Aww", but this is a real act, real people and sometimes things happen. Each performance was super professional, lively and simply amazing! The sheer amount of dexterity and raw strength, even from a wispy looking Asian girl made this old battle hardened soldier's jaw drop. Aside from the strength and dexterity, each act was extremely graceful, and fluidic The only thing I have to say negative about the show didn't have to do with the performance, but the lack of selling pictures - I would have bought one, but didn't know until it was too late. Add an upgrade to the picture with a troupe picture as well! By far the BEST SHOW in Branson - Simply Awesome!
Posted by Anne Flores on Dec 2, 2022
I can't stand to watch this kind of show it makes me feel dizzy watching every stunts, but it is actually a great experience though. You all did a fabulous job.
Outstanding Performance
Posted by Alex Scott on Nov 29, 2022
It will surely take you to another level of excitement. It helps me forgot the things that bothers me by just being present from the whole show is truly astonishing and marvelous experience indeed. Great job everyone keep it up.
Incredible Performance
Posted by Kimmy Miller on Nov 20, 2022
Everyone in the show was very talented and kept everyone entertained the whole time, and what I really love about the show is that there's never a moment that you want to miss a single move of the performers. Will definitely recommend this one for the whole family and friends!
Exciting performances
Posted by Christina Williams on Jul 10, 2022
You can tell these young people really put in the time and hard work to prefect their act. They'll make you laugh and at the same time make you feel amazed by their astonishing performances. Definitely a must see show!
Posted by Angeline Gill on Jun 5, 2022
Decided to bring the family on the show and we did absolutely enjoyed everything. Felt in awe of all the performances and loving the interaction with the audiences. Really captivating, great job!
Amusing Talents
Posted by Carmela Austin on May 27, 2022
The hard work and dedication on each performers are much appreciated. No time wasted because every performance is wonderfully executed. Leaving you a feeling of admiration and amusement. Very well done and will surely gonna be back for another show.
Absolutely perfect
Posted by Austin Tighe on May 22, 2022
Never thought I could watch this kind of entertainment, It blows my mind watching every performances. Everyone deserves a standing O! Each has played a great role, will definitely watch all over again.
Jaw dropping experience
Posted by Gener Lennon on May 2, 2022
Wasn't expecting that this show could be that amusing. Heard a lot about it and wanted to experience it personally and I could say that this is definitely worth the watch. Everything is well presented and well thought of. Great job everyone!
Very mesmerizing
Posted by Gregg Smith on Apr 27, 2022
All performers are absolutely amazing and mesmerizing, everyone's professionally well trained. No idle moment, worth the watch.
Posted by Silas Ramirez on Feb 25, 2022
Stunts are great, it's breath taking and the delivery of every performance is well executed. Salute to all performers who worked really hard for us to experience a one of a kind show.
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