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Grand Jubilee

Grand Country Music Hall • 1945 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Grand Jubilee
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Grand Jubilee at Grand Country Music Hall: A Branson Legend of Laughter and Harmony

Enjoy top 40, Country & Gospel Classics, Rock & Roll Hits from the 70's-90's

The Grand Jubilee, nestled in the heart of Branson, Missouri, is a spectacle of musical talent, comedic genius, and genuine Ozarks hospitality. Celebrating 20 years of stellar performances, this show brings together the harmonious quartet New South, the comedic brilliance of Jamie Haage as Jim Dandy, and the seasoned emcee Mike Patrick, creating an evening of unforgettable entertainment. Discover Branson is the go to ticket reseller to get the lowest prices and the best seats. Take advantage of our discount ticket price on Grand Jubilee in Branson, Missouri.

Acclaim and Accolades Grand Jubilee is not just a local favorite but a critically acclaimed show, having garnered numerous awards including “Entertainers of the Year”, “Branson’s Best Show”, and “Best Variety Show”, alongside individual accolades for its performers in various musical and comedic categories. This array of awards speaks to the quality and diversity of the talent on stage.

Public Sentiment and Experiences Visitors consistently praise the show for its dynamic music selection, engaging performances, and the ability to create a deeply personal and interactive experience. Families particularly appreciate the friendly cast, noting moments where performers go the extra mile to create memorable experiences, such as inviting audience members on stage. Reviews highlight the show's ability to blend a wide range of musical styles with humor, creating an atmosphere that resonates with people of all ages.

Theater Insights and Visitor Information The Grand Country Music Hall, home to the Grand Jubilee, is renowned for its comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound system, providing an immersive viewing experience. Guests should note that while the show is a hit across generations, the sound levels are tailored to ensure every note and punchline is delivered with clarity. Season passes are available for those who find themselves repeatedly drawn to the show’s charm, and the theater’s location in Branson makes it a convenient addition to any trip itinerary.

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Customer Reviews
18 reviews
This was definitely a top 3 for me
Posted by Taylor Thomas on Dec 23, 2022
This show is definitely top 3 for me, it was funny and a good variety of music! Only thing wish had sung was Elvira, I think would have been cool to see Mark sing that.
A top-notch show in Branson!
Posted by Landry Burke on Nov 26, 2022
Grand Jubilee, a pillar of Branson Entertainment, continues to offer top-notch family entertainment in every way. The best band in Branson, top-notch vocal performances, and top-notch comedy! Don't forget to treat yourself to this event!
Simply Amazing
Posted by Anastasia Lincoln on Nov 23, 2022
A really great show. Wide variety of music along with some good clean comedy. The whole cast were very talented. Will come back for another experience.
Super duper Worth it!
Posted by Max Alvarez on Sep 27, 2022
It was excellent! On this vacation, we went to 5 performances in Branson, and Grand Jubilee was by far the finest. Everyone visiting Branson should definitely check out this show, in my opinion. The cost is quite worthwhile. We were in the middle of row 3, three rows back from the stage. These seats were very good. Everything was visible to us, and it wasn't too close.
A comfortable night!
Posted by Ezekiel Gomez on Sep 19, 2022
The show was fantastic! Period!! The quartet, the band, and all of the accompanying musicians sang magnificently! Particularly the pianist who performed Billy Joel. The front rows' bigger seats were perfect for us, spacious and comfortable! Excellent Work!
Posted by Elliot Patel on Aug 28, 2022
The entire family enjoyed and enjoyed the comedic jamboree. We appreciate you doing such a terrific job of making us laugh during these trying times.
Posted by Jasmine Sanders on Jul 21, 2022
Really good show experience. The music and comedy were both excellent, and the performers were all extremely accomplished! A really excellent show, friendly and helpful personnel, and a comfortable venue.
Well entertaining
Posted by Lilybeth Courtney on Jul 21, 2022
Best singing/songs of any of the 10 shows we attended. well managed. Very good comedy. The weak spot was female singer. Just not as good as the rest of the performers.
What an absolute blast!
Posted by Gina Myers on Jul 13, 2022
Oh, my!! We are on a ladies weekend #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun2022 and was incredibly surprised by this show. It was fantastic! We laughed the entire night. All of the artists are top notch grand!! Go see this show!!
Quality Performances
Posted by Selene Melton on Jul 8, 2022
This presentation far exceeded our expectations. Make sure you treat yourself to this event!
A 10+ performance!
Posted by Emberlynn Shaw on Jun 16, 2022
What an event! Four fantastic voices in New South have lovely harmonies. When you're not tapping your foot to the music, the comedy is exactly the proper amount to keep you laughing. Include a great band that knows how to employ dynamics to enhance the vocalists. The band members' ability to perform numerous instruments on stage demonstrates their immense expertise. The gifted Jaime and Mike are also there, as is Jackie Brown's lovely voice. This show won't let you down! Remember the affordable price at the concession counter. I give this show a 10!
What a performance!
Posted by Kai Miles on Jun 8, 2022
Visit the show right now if you haven't recently. The talent, the passion, and the entertainment have increased thanks to the addition of two new members to New South. We were in stitches laughing out loud at Jim Dandy and Mike Patrick's brand-new comic acts. This was the quickest two hours we spent in Branson, especially when you consider the band members' talents.
Very good show
Posted by Jess Norman on Mar 31, 2022
The enthusiasm and the entertainment was there. Kept the audience captured with both the music & comedy. Job well done, will watch again together with friends !
The Show we anticipated!
Posted by Aster Price on Feb 21, 2022
Great singing and humor! That was amazing, and there was more singing than I had anticipated. I regret not purchasing the show's DVD because my wife and younger daughter were laughing so loudly and uncontrollably during several comedy routines, especially the babies performance. Definitely return!
What an Awesome Show
Posted by Tracey Thompson on Feb 3, 2022
This was an awesome show. Covers comedy, great singing and includes the audiences. A must see
Posted by Dahlia Castillo on Feb 1, 2022
Everyone loved it! The performers were outstanding! Everybody of us was singing! My favorite song from the event was Someone Loves You by Melody, not to mention how adorable she looked in it. We intend to return to view it when we come next summer! Oh, and my nephew will be dressing up as Harley in one of his outfits for Halloween next year! Keep up the good work, team! We'll see you soon!
A blast for the Grand Country Jubilee
Posted by Zainab Simpson on Jan 23, 2022
Grand Country Jubilee is a fast-moving, entertaining performance! Everyone in the show is incredibly talented. There is entertainment to keep you entertained at all times. The song selection was excellent, and the humor never lets up. You can't help but smile as you walk away. It's a fantastic show that anyone would love! A wonderful way to spend the evening.
Well Appreciated
Posted by Lyra Meghan on Jan 13, 2022
The music, comedy, and so much more left us entertained and feeling happy about an evening spent with friends.
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