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Elvis Live! Jerry Presley - Madison Square Garden

God & Country Theater • 1840 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Elvis Live! Jerry Presley - Madison Square Garden
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Witness the magic and power of Elvis Presley at Elvis Madison Square Garden in Branson, Missouri!

"Jerry Presley "Elvis Live!"" is the Branson tribute to The King that can't be missed! Cousin to the most famous singer to ever live, Jerry pays homage to Elvis as only family could ever do, and he stays true to all the details of an authentic Elvis concert, including an amazing live band.

Jerry wears costumes replicating every last detail of those worn by Elvis; they're even made by the same company. With that signature Presley charm, he keeps audiences dazzled with his impeccable performance of songs from Elvis' unforgettable Madison Square Garden. 

This remarkable production brings to life the time Elvis took the stage at New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden in 1972. Follow along as we visit some of the King’s most legendary performances such as “An American Trilogy”. Plus, witness explosive live performances that will leave you mesmerized by this captivating show.

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Customer Reviews
10 reviews
The Greatest Show
Posted by Samuel Williamson on Nov 12, 2022
Jerry Presley in “Elvis Live” was a great show! He was not concerned about the time and gave a great performance. After the show he was happy to come visit with you, autograph items as well as take pictures with you. I will definitely plan another show our next visit to Branson if the Good Lord is willing
Worth to go!
Posted by Arthur James on Nov 10, 2022
Show was fantastic. If you like Elvis it's definitely worth going to see. Very good prices too. We have been to Branson twice so glad we went to see the show.
Spectacular and Entertaining
Posted by Adriel Wood on Sep 20, 2022
For those who have never been to a live Elvis concert, this is a truly spectacular and entertaining performance that will transport you there.!
The best chairs in Branson!
Posted by Avery Montgomery on Jul 24, 2022
The show was longer than it was supposed to be with lots of requests being fulfilled. Mr. Jerry Presley was Friendly and family safe for all ages. The stage was great had lots of back up musicians 15 people on stage. Professionally done. The best chairs in Branson. Seemed like time went fast and Jerry came out after the show to greet all those that wanted to stay and say Hi even after a very long and great show. 12 hours to get there from Ohio. There would be two shows that would bring me back Jerry Presley and the Sight and Sound show of Jesus.
My loving Elvis
Posted by Penelope on Jun 21, 2022
Jerry is serious about producing music that sounds as if Elvis himself is singing, but at the same time is funny and interactive with the audience. He takes requests and delivers. This show is a must when going to Branson. It stirred up so many memories for me of my days loving Elvis-it was quite emotional!! I absolutely loved it!
Definitely see this again!
Posted by Liam Dean on Jun 15, 2022
My husband and and I both LOVED this show! We have seen other Elvis shows, and by far, THIS one was the best!! Jerry Presley looked like his cousin Elvis & sang his songs like his cousin!! This is obviously as close to Elvis as I'd ever get, and I was so happy about that!! I have loved Elvis for over 50 years! He was extremely personable on stage too, and has a great group as well! I also loved the fact that he took "requests" and he sang MY requested song!!! We have been here in Branson, for a week, and by far, THIS show was the best show. We would definitely see his show again if we come back to Branson, and I highly recommend this show!
What a talent!
Posted by Jude Watson on Jun 12, 2022
We attended the Madison Square Garden show and it was fantastic! Jerry, his band, and singers gave a superb performance ! His voice sounds so much like Elvis' that you think he's there! Jerry also takes the time to greet the audience after the show and that adds a personal touch! I recommend this show to all Elvis fans and even those who have not heard his music. Put this show on your agenda while in town and you will be glad you did!
What a fantastic night!
Posted by Ryker Chavez on Apr 6, 2022
Thank you for a fantastic night; we really enjoyed the concert and the theater. Afterward, I got to meet Jerry, which was wonderful. The setting is lovely, and there were tasty refreshments and items to shop for there. Overall, a fantastic evening.
Appreciated Jerry!
Posted by Carlos Brooks on Apr 5, 2022
Jerry was non-stop and very energetic! He did a great job and sounded amazing! Jerry, with the band and backup singers made a total Elvis experience! If you love Elvis, this show will take you back! Check it out!!!
Best Elvis Show
Posted by Noah Jackson on Mar 23, 2022
This was the best Elvis show I have been to. Jerry Presley was amazing and I felt as if Elvis was on the stage. All of the singers and musicians backing him up were very talented. I will see this show again on my next trip to Branson
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