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Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel

Little Opry Theatre • 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway • Branson, MO 65616
Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel
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If you're looking for a show that combines the best of both worlds - gospel and country music - then Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel is the show for you! This live performance in Branson, Missouri, will have you dancing, laughing, and singing along to some of the most recognizable country and gospel tunes in history.

The show is led by a group of singers with mesmerizing harmonies and lasting voices that will leave you amazed throughout the entire performance. The musicianship is also top-notch, with talented instrumentalists and a live band that highlights the musical genius at the core of both genres.

This show covers all the classic hits, from old time gospel hymns to upbeat country tunes from legends like George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and Johnny Cash. You'll hear songs like "Amazing Grace," "I'll Fly Away," "Hee Haw Gospel Quartet," and many more country-gospel favorites.

What's more, along with the fantastic music, the show features lots of humor, anecdotes, and jokes to keep the audience entertained between songs. Interactive segments will also be present, allowing the crowd to participate and join in on the fun.

Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel is a Branson staple show and has been entertaining audiences for years. During the holidays, the show runs specials to ensure the audience has an even better experience. If you're looking for a relaxing and fun night out with family, then this show is a great option.

So come on over to Branson and make some unforgettable memories with friends and family at Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel. It's a performance that's guaranteed to entertain audiences from all backgrounds!

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Customer Reviews
15 reviews
A mix of COUNTRY and GOSPEL!
Posted by Carlos Mendes on Dec 28, 2022
Our group visited Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel this afternoon, and wow, what a treat! We found a somewhat hidden treasure here in Branson. A strong mix of country in the first half and some good ol' Southern gospel in the second. They sing a patriotic song at the end of the first half that will bring you to tears. Lee, the pianist/keyboard player... this guy is nothing short of amazing and has a great voice to boot. Jonathan and his wife, Deana, have beautiful voices! The three of them combined to give us an absolutely spectacular and definitely wonderful show. Don't miss them next time you're in Branson.
A must-see for anyone of any age
Posted by Magnolia Jones on Nov 29, 2022
The singers have good voices that I never expected. I love all the country music; it makes me feel peaceful. A must-see for anyone of any age!
It will bring you tears!
Posted by Morgan Harrison on Nov 23, 2022
We are at this show right now! It is wonderful! A small, intimate theater with very talented, accomplished entertainers. Not a show with all the lights and fanfare but simply a great show if you like country and gospel music. The tribute song to our country will bring tears to your eyes! Highly recommend!!
Posted by Carl Anderson on Nov 22, 2022
Nothing beats the oldies,every words meant so much and speaks lot more than we can comprehend. Liked the live music, so with the singers!
What a Great Night
Posted by Henry Clark on Oct 14, 2022
Even though I am past the prime of my life, the lyrics, rhythms, and affects in your life of the songs bring back memories of my younger years. The music was incredible, so with the singers and the theatrical atmosphere was really authentic. Very memorable night!!!
Posted by Everaldo Guimares on Oct 8, 2022
Fantastic experience. If you love country and gospel music, you will enjoy this show. My wife and I have seen the show on multiple trips to Branson and have enjoyed every one of the shows. Great vocals, arrangements, and a full variety of songs.
Very Worth it!
Posted by Carolina Longa on Aug 11, 2022
If you like country music and/or southern gospel music, this trio is for you. Excellent covers with personal interpretations. We saw them on December 7th, and they also had fabulous but different Christmas music that caused you to remember what this season is really about. A wonderful show, worth every penny!
Posted by Jolie Grant on Jul 1, 2022
Enjoyed listening with the three of you, listening to all of you with the blending is like a sweet honey in my mouth. My soul's been ignite. Thanks for sharing your talents
Great tandem
Posted by Justine Grett on Jun 21, 2022
Loving the melody of every song, it just blew me away, it always run in my mind and can't help but sing it. You are a great team that has powerful voices. May you continue to inspire every people.
set the bar high
Posted by Linda Path on Jun 14, 2022
One of the best groups and shows we saw in Branson! We will deifinetly go each time, They set the bar high!
Posted by Clint Hough on Jun 8, 2022
I love all their song, it brings healing to my soul and it truly had an impact to everyone. Keep composing songs that delivers positivity. God bless
Awesome music
Posted by Sander Richards on Jun 3, 2022
I personally don't like country music but this, this is lit, I love it and will continue to listen to it.
Absolutely Beautiful!
Posted by Lawrence Lee on May 11, 2022
The songs were brilliant, and it was a totally enjoyable evening! This is probably the kind of music you need at this time, when the world seems to be turning upside down. Lovely!!
Worth it
Posted by Douglas Moore on May 3, 2022
Those old folk country songs that the singer sings were among the best and most meaningful songs of all time! From its lyrics to its superb melodies, nothing comes close. The show and ticket are worth it!
Muse see this one!
Posted by Dasiy Powponne on Apr 3, 2022
This is our favorite show when we come to Branson! Great show! Talent, performance, and music—they have it all. If you want a great show that values God and our country, you must see this one!
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