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Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel

God & Country Theater • 1840 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel
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9am-6pm (Central Time)

Get ready to enjoy classic country music, such as "On The Road Again ", "Looking At Country", "Fishin In The Dark " and many more. Lee, the pianist for the group, will be playing the Floyd Cramer Classic "Last Date" this  year. The first half will end with Jonathan and the cast performing a moving tribute to our veterans, police officers, firefighters, and those that serve our country and it's citizens.  For the second half of the show get ready for Southern Gospel music including "Because He Lives", "What A Day That Will Be", "One Day At A Time", and "I'll Fly Away ".

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Customer Reviews
10 reviews
Posted by Jolie Grant on Mar 15, 2023
Enjoyed listening with the three of you, listening to all of you with the blending is like a sweet honey in my mouth. My soul's been ignite. Thanks for sharing your talents
set the bar high
Posted by Linda Path on Mar 15, 2023
One of the best groups and shows we saw in Branson! We will deifinetly go each time, They set the bar high!
Great tandem
Posted by Justine Grett on Mar 15, 2023
Loving the melody of every song, it just blew me away, it always run in my mind and can't help but sing it. You are a great team that has powerful voices. May you continue to inspire every people.
Posted by Clint Hough on Mar 15, 2023
I love all their song, it brings healing to my soul and it truly had an impact to everyone. Keep composing songs that delivers positivity. God bless
Awesome music
Posted by Sander Richards on Mar 15, 2023
I personally don't like country music but this, this is lit, I love it and will continue to listen to it.
Posted by Carl Anderson on Feb 23, 2023
Nothing beats the oldies,every words meant so much and speaks lot more than we can comprehend. Liked the live music, so with the singers!
A must-see for anyone of any age
Posted by Magnolia Jones on Feb 23, 2023
The singers have good voices that I never expected. I love all the country music; it makes me feel peaceful. A must-see for anyone of any age!
Absolutely Beautiful!
Posted by Lawrence Lee on Feb 23, 2023
The songs were brilliant, and it was a totally enjoyable evening! This is probably the kind of music you need at this time, when the world seems to be turning upside down. Lovely!!
Worth it
Posted by Douglas Moore on Feb 23, 2023
Those old folk country songs that the singer sings were among the best and most meaningful songs of all time! From its lyrics to its superb melodies, nothing comes close. The show and ticket are worth it!
What a Great Night
Posted by Henry Clark on Feb 23, 2023
Even though I am past the prime of my life, the lyrics, rhythms, and affects in your life of the songs bring back memories of my younger years. The music was incredible, so with the singers and the theatrical atmosphere was really authentic. Very memorable night!!!
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