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Branson's Christmas Wonderland

King's Castle Theater • 2701 West 76 Country Blvd • Branson, MO 65616
Branson's Christmas Wonderland
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An Unforgettable & Magical Sleigh Ride to a Grand Christmas Extravaganza!


2 Hours


A sparkling cast of singers and dancers takes you on an unforgettable and magical sleigh ride to a grand Christmas extravaganza. Don't miss this perennial favorite, which rings in the spirit of the Christmas season with high-energy dance, elaborate costumes, beautiful scenery, gorgeous production numbers and the highest-kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole! Songs include: "White Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Silent Night," "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," "Joyful, Joyful," and many more!

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Customer Reviews
11 reviews
Thanking Branson
Posted by Leif Palmer on Feb 26, 2023
I would like to thank Branson for sharing this and all of the people who sent me holiday wishes. Thank you so much! I hope you all have a great holiday and get a lot of warm hugs! We are very much enjoying watching the show with my family! Merry Christmas!
The Show That Makes Our Christmas Extra Special
Posted by Zev Turner on Feb 26, 2023
We were so excited the other night to sit down and see the performers; they were all set already! We are so lucky to be right by, have a home here, and see this all the time. You guys make our Christmas extra special. Thank you very much.
A Colorful Night in Celebrating Christmas
Posted by Meghan Nelson on Feb 26, 2023
I'm just amazed by the amount of work that went into this. It's clean, beautiful, accurate, and perfect—all the adjectives! I wish I had half their talent and expertise, not to mention the time and budget. Whoever put these Christmas lights on the stage did a perfect job, so I give them an A+ on their decorations and outfits for Christmas songs or music decorations! Well recommended!
Branson's Christmas show would probably be the best!
Posted by Zoie Clark on Feb 26, 2023
The show is spectacular! I love the outfits and the voices of the singers. I can't even imagine all the work that went into this. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Branson's Christmas show would probably be the best!
The best Christmas show in town!
Posted by Sandra Martin on Feb 26, 2023
Oh wow. Thank you so much for sharing the full show. What a treat. As much as this year has bored me as someone who is housebound, I think I've actually been able to enjoy more events this year than the last ten years put together. I'm exceptionally grateful to the generous people who share for everyone to enjoy, so thank you once more. The best Christmas show in town!
All Around Fun Christmas Show
Posted by Jeff Keller on Feb 11, 2023
The Christmas show in Branson was a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, the holiday spirit was definitely in the air, with festive decorations and cheerful music filling the theater. The cast was also energetic and enthusiastic, bringing a smile to the faces of the audience. However, some of the performances were not quite up to par and felt a bit under rehearsed.
What a Wonderful Christmas Show!
Posted by Ashlyn Murphy on Dec 12, 2022
High energy The Christmas program was fun to watch! Many costume changes were elegant and tasteful. The singing was fantastic! Wide variety of classic songs, from Jingle Bells to religious songs like Mary Did You Know? The dancing/tap/jazz/ballet was on the money. Good choreography! I bet the moms of these kids are happy they put these folks through dance classes! Nice gift shop, too. The theater is aged but still OK.
With Holiday Spirit Performers
Posted by Bellamaye Price on Dec 5, 2022
This was the highlight of our trip. The show was great. The cast of dancers and singers did not disappoint! They are very talented! I could not stop smiling. It was high energy and definitely put us in the holiday spirit. We will definitely come back to see this performance again.
Flawless and Professionals
Posted by Ensley Washington on Nov 22, 2022
Branson's Christmas Wonderland at King's Castle Theatre is a Branson show circuit treasure in all respects. The staff, theater, and talent all left a strong impression, PLUS they have the *funniest* Santa in town! He had me in stitches. I even caught a "cor blimey" in there. The elves were so funny; I dig their comedy. They keep pulling faces & reacting to every little thing despite the concentration that their singing & dancing required. The cast is energetic and is clearly thrilled to be there performing for this lucky audience. The selection of songs consisted of all the classics with a new flair that people will appreciate, and the choreography is lots of fun. I love the older style music most of all; I'm not sure what it's called, but it made me think of the Roaring 20s, when both the dancing and music were really cool. Just, wow!
Good Time in Celebrating Christmas
Posted by Penny Roger on Nov 7, 2022
It was high energy! All the Christmas music and Santa It is two hours of singing and dancing. It seemed like it needed something else to break up the constant dancing, singing, and costume changes. Add some skits, children, dialogue, and story-telling. Or make it an hour and a half. We enjoyed it but were tired at the end, lol!
Such an Effort Performance!
Posted by Jolie Follan on Nov 6, 2022
The performers are so talented and did a great job entertaining! Santa and the other characters really caught our son's attention and made him so happy. We were very comfortable and felt safe during our visit to the theater. The staff did an amazing job following guidelines for social distancing due to COVID. We were seated with at least 2 empty seats between us and other groups of guests in our row, and there was an empty row directly in front of and behind us to ensure proper distancing. We went to other shows, and for half of them, we were not satisfied with their efforts in social distancing at all!
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