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Comedy Jamboree

Grand Country Music Hall • 1945 West 76 Country Blvd. • Branson, MO 65616
Comedy Jamboree
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Laugh Out Loud with Comedy Jamboree in Branson, Missouri!

Comedy Jamboree features some of the funniest comedians in Branson! Starring comedians Applejack, Stretch McCord, and Andy Parks, prepare yourself to laugh over and over again. The whole family will get a kick out of the audience participation. Sometimes, the guests even steal the show!

The Jamboree Singers, pianist extraordinaire Tracy Heaston, and the award-winning Grand Band will rock you with kickin’ live music, talent, and showmanship. From hilarious, clean comedy and floor-pounding dancing, to today’s country hits and gospel classics, this show is a HOT TICKET!

If you're looking for a night of entertainment and laughter, then head to the Comedy Jamboree in Branson, Missouri. This family-friendly show features an array of zany skits, jokes and musical numbers that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

The talented cast performs a new script every performance so there's something fresh every time you come back! You'll also find plenty of music from both popular hits and classic favorites that span across different genres.

So if you're ready for an evening filled with hilarious hijinks and toe-tapping tunes, come join us at the Comedy Jamboree!

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Customer Reviews
15 reviews
Not Just Comedians, But A Talented Singers!
Posted by Cherry Williams on Nov 5, 2022
Laugh your heads off with some good humor. I was there to watch the best in stand-up comedy and enjoyed every bit of it. Also, they are not just good comedians but also gifted with talented voices! big salute and must recommend!
A good place to laugh
Posted by Mora White on Oct 22, 2022
Nice place, fun and entertaining!! Good place to ease out, food served is also decent, wonderful experience. Perhaps the best comedy show I've seen!!!
Good show and people
Posted by Becky Young on Oct 14, 2022
Was not sure what to expect with the show, laughed but not much. Theater needs enhancement but overall it is still a good show.
What an Entertaining!
Posted by Snow Young on Sep 30, 2022
Entertaining show. I laughed throughout the entire show. Humor, dancing, singing, and music. I really adore how each act in Branson pays tribute to our veterans!
Outrageously Funny
Posted by Reagan Piper on Sep 6, 2022
In honor of the week's completion, my mother and I went to see a show. OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY The comedians were great, virtually all of them, if not all of them, and some of them had perfect comic timing. In conclusion, a wonderful afternoon in a wonderful venue!
Excellent performance
Posted by Sims Ezpinosa on Aug 5, 2022
They were very interactive with the crowd and making sure that the audience will surely enjoy each performance. Did enjoy the variety of skits and music. Will surely bring my family and friends.
Comedy at it's finest
Posted by Adrianne Lopez on Aug 2, 2022
Really did enjoy myself at the show, cried from laughing. Very authentic voices and people. It is indeed worth to watch. Love that everyone is just enjoying with their performances. Thumbs up.
Can't get yourself laughing!
Posted by Sienna Walker on Apr 28, 2022
This show was humorous. The dancers were fantastic, and the comedy was extremely entertaining. The show was good. Due to the theater's age, the seating was uncomfortable and confined. Yet it's not until intermission that you truly realize how uncomfortable you are.
Best for de-stressing
Posted by Roy Morin on Apr 27, 2022
I've been there and had fun. Wonderful, it's been a great experience that you shouldn't miss, and as the phrase goes, laughter may be the best medication for de-stressing.
Excellent comedy and music!
Posted by Alexander King on Apr 6, 2022
Our first time attending this performance. It was wonderful to see the actors interacting with the audience at the interval and after the performance. The comedy and music were both excellent. We'll be back soon!
A Good Venue for a Comedy Show
Posted by Quenie Page on Apr 3, 2022
The venue was both magnificent and amusing. It is the perfect setting if you ever want to go out on a fun afternoon or to a party. One of the finest things is the fantastic shows and the enthusiastic audience!
A Welcoming Show!
Posted by Stella Allen on Mar 19, 2022
A three-comedian comedy show that is incredibly funny. All ages of guests are welcome to the comedy. Also, they have performers that sing and dance. I would highly recommend the band and the piano player.
Performances are not stellar
Posted by Jennifer Walsh on Mar 17, 2022
The comedians sang well and musicians are excellent, some costumes are tacky and although it seems they tried but some performances were very corny as were the costumes. Stayed for the show but I think I won't be coming back.
A place to enjoy with the family
Posted by Gilbert Williams on Mar 2, 2022
Very natural and witty, Each has a unique way of delivering entertainment. The cast has so much energy and talent. What a really great show to recommend.
A humorous performance!
Posted by Poppy Robinson on Jan 15, 2022
A good blending of music and comedy. The tiniest comedian, who reminded me of Tim Conway, excelled at physical comedy. The audience involvement acts were fantastic.!
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