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"What's New in Branson" Travel Guide Posts

Emily R. Apr 20, 2023
Recreational Marijuana in Branson

Missouri's prohibition on recreational marijuana use has been lifted through Amendment 3, allowing for the adult-use and purchase of marijuana at licensed dispensaries. As a result, a number of dispensaries have recently opened in and around Branson, selling recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products. If you're planning a Branson vacation and are curious about this emerging industry, this article outlines some important considerations.

Emily R. Apr 4, 2023
New Projects From Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris is often regarded as a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt because of his fervent dedication to the preservation of nature. Each of his properties reflect the natural beauty of the landscape in which they are built, creating immersive spaces that achieve the utmost perfection. Here are just a few of many things that Morris has in store for visitors this year.

Emily R. Mar 31, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: Copeland Theater

This installment of Branson Behind the Curtain features Copeland Theater, "Branson's Best Kept Secret." Discover Branson had the exciting chance to go behind the curtain with the people who keep this theater and its must-see shows thriving. Continue reading for an exclusive look at what makes the Copeland Theater one of Branson's most unique venues.

Emily R. Mar 31, 2023
Five Ways to Celebrate Easter in Branson

Easter Sunday is a time to be shared with loved ones, whether that means celebrating with friends, family, or a significant other. If you are planning to be in Branson for Easter weekend, there is certainly no shortage of fun to be had by visitors of all ages! You may opt to hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy a leisurely brunch, or take in the blossoming scenery of springtime in the Ozarks. In this guide, we have highlighted the best ways to spend Easter in Branson.

Emily R. Mar 3, 2023
The Most Exhilarating Ziplines to Try in Branson

Strap in, it's time to go ziplining. If you're planning a vacation to Branson this summer, you won't want to pass up the chance to glide at high speeds over the beautiful natural landscape of the Ozark Mountains. In the guide below, we at Discover Branson have selected our top picks for Branson ziplines you absolutely won't want to miss. Allow Discover Branson to help you plan your trip with access to the best values at the greatest prices!

Emily R. Feb 28, 2023
Branson's Jaw-Dropping Comedy Shows You Must Watch

If you're looking to laugh, you've come to the right place with this Discover Branson guide to Branson's best comedy. Here, we have catalogued the Branson comedy shows that will surely have you falling out of your seat with laughter. From Yakov to Matt Gumm, the comedians of Branson boast diverse comedic styles, ensuring that everyone in your group will leave the show with a smile.

Emily R. Feb 23, 2023
Top Kid-Friendly Accommodations in Branson

Traveling with young kids has its own set of considerations. If you and your family are looking for the perfect place to stay in Branson, you have come to the right place with this lodging guide. Whether you would like to be in the middle of town, or more off the beaten path (while still being a convenient distance from many of Branson's attractions and shows), this guide highlights your best lodging options. Allow Discover Branson to assist you in booking your Branson vacation today!

Emily R. Feb 20, 2023
A Look at the Different Entertainment Venues in Branson

If you are planning a Branson vacation but would like more details about the various venues for entertainment, you have come to the right place. To say that there are many approaches to having a great time in Branson would be an understatement! Keep reading to discover the places that put on Branson's very best talent and activities.

Emily R. Feb 16, 2023
Experience Sumptuous Dining From the Top Eateries in Branson

No matter what shows or activities you have planned for your Branson vacation, one thing is certain: you've got to eat! In this list, you will find an array of casual and fine dining options to keep you nourished during your stay in the Ozarks. The restaurants we've selected are distinct from each other, but their common trait is this: they are all exquisitely delicious. Keep reading to learn about some of the best places to eat in the Branson area.

Emily R. Feb 13, 2023
An Introduction to Family-Friendly Attractions in Branson

Most people know Branson, Missouri for its many live music performances in dozens of theaters all throughout town, but Branson has evolved into a thriving destination for attractions, as well. With so many different things to do, everyone is sure to find a way to be entertained! From hiking scenic trails to getting educated at a museum, you have many options when it comes to having fun on vacation in Branson. Continue reading to find out which attractions will enhance your Branson adventure!

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