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"Branson Shows" Travel Guide Posts

Emily R. May 21, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: Americana Theatre

Americana Theatre boasts an impressive lineup of live entertainment featuring hugely talented performers. Viewers will love the variety of shows at this theatre and its content, ranging from Elvis: Story of a King to The Best of Motown and More. This installment of Branson Behind the Curtain examines the innerworkings at Americana Theatre and reveals the secret to its success.

Emily R. May 20, 2023
Branson In the Spotlight: Funny Farm Dinner Feud

At Funny Farm Dinner Feud, viewers will be immersed in local historical fiction as they watch and participate in a silly conflict between two Ozark Mountain families, the Stewarts and the Gibbs. A scrumptious three-course dinner primes viewers to sit back and enjoy the antics of this talented cast of performers. The master of ceremonies, Catfish, attempts to mediate the feud, leading to laughs all around.

Emily R. May 12, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Theater

At Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Theater, viewers will be positively amazed with the music and production value seen in all of their shows. Five distinct live shows give visitors quite an assortment from which to choose, meaning there is something for everyone. The close attention paid to the technical production at this theater will have audiences leaving the theater feeling effervescent

Emily R. Apr 28, 2023
Branson In the Spotlight: REZA: Edge of Illusion

Do you believe in magic? Whether you are going into REZA: Edge of Illusion as an enthusiast of magic or as a doubtful skeptic, it would be hard to leave this show anything but impressed. Viewers will be amazed by REZA's inventive twist on classic card tricks, and utterly baffled as he creates the illusion of levitation. People of all ages can anticipate total astonishment at REZA's hugely successful Branson show, REZA: Edge of Illusion.

Emily R. Apr 13, 2023
Branson In the Spotlight: Comedy Jamboree

If you're planning a vacation to Branson and you're looking to laugh, Comedy Jamboree at Grand Country Music Hall has exactly what you need. This is a truly hilarious show presented by a talented cast of characters, musicians, and entertainers. Grand Country Music Hall has been operating since 1971, making it one of the longest-lasting institutions of live entertainment in the area. This article examines the elements that make Comedy Jamboree an extraordinary success.

Emily R. Apr 8, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: Grand Country Music Hall

Grand Country Music Hall is one of Branson's flagship spots for live entertainment. To maintain their status as one of the most popular music venues in Branson, the theater staff works very hard to ensure that every detail is just right. One of these hard-working individuals is Megan Williams, the theater's Wardrobe Director. Discover Branson had the cool opportunity to learn about the important part that costuming plays in the shows at Grand Country Music Hall.

Emily R. Mar 31, 2023
Branson In the Spotlight: The Doug Gabriel Show

This installment of Branson In the Spotlight illuminates The Doug Gabriel Show, one of Branson's most awarded and longest-running productions. Doug Gabriel is a fantastic singer and entertainer with a brilliant lineup of instrumentalists supporting him. In this article, we are placing one of the show's multi-talented musicians in the spotlight and discussing the experience of being a Branson musician.

Emily R. Mar 31, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: Copeland Theater

This installment of Branson Behind the Curtain features Copeland Theater, "Branson's Best Kept Secret." Discover Branson had the exciting chance to go behind the curtain with the people who keep this theater and its must-see shows thriving. Continue reading for an exclusive look at what makes the Copeland Theater one of Branson's most unique venues.

Emily R. Mar 16, 2023
Branson Behind the Curtain: King's Castle Theatre

This installment of Branson Behind the Curtain is dedicated to exploring King's Castle Theatre and the stories it holds. King's Castle Theatre, conveniently located in the center of Branson and home to several of Branson's most popular shows, evokes a sense of wonder the moment one walks through the door. With multiple award-winning shows housed in a theater that resembles a 14th-century castle, King's Castle Theatre is a uniquely interesting venue.

Emily R. Mar 13, 2023
The Best Things to Do in Branson to Celebrate St. Paddy’s

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t always fall on a Friday, but when it does, you’ll be green with envy if you don’t have fun plans for the holiday weekend. And you’re in luck: we at Discover Branson have compiled this list of the best ways to share in the festivities. Whether you’re planning to spend the holiday with your significant other, family, or friends, you have plenty of options when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Branson.

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